Saturday, December 1, 2007

Belated Birthday - Chia Style!

I am of the generation that grew up watching the Chia Pet commercial played in a seemingly constant loop during commercial breaks from Batman the camp-tacular 60s television show. The theme was drilled into my head. "Ch-ch-ch-Chia!" When it came time to spend some of my birthday money it seemed only logical to track down this bit of nostalgia.

Surprisingly enough, I had to go to two different drug stores to find this thing. The first had the full line of licensed Chia products; Chia Homer Simpson, Chia Garfield, Chia Elmer Fudd, etc. As cool as that was, I wasn't going to settle for anything less than a Chia original. At the second store I entered I found a similar selection to the first. Unsatisfied, I dug through the display until I found, in the back, this little item. Behold! Chia Guy!! (The large letters at the top of the package may read Chia Head, but at the very bottom you can see his real name.)

I've begun the crucial yet boring process of preparing the pottery. The head itself must soak for twenty-four hours before the actual fun begins. If you click on the picture at the left, you'll see a larger image of Chia Guy. (Named, I'm sure, for my uncle.) His scalp immediately reminded me or Marvel Comic's own Norman Osborn. Also, you'll notice Guy is typical of most french men with his large nose.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow at one o'clock. Then I get to slather Guy's stripey head with this seed goo. The seeds too must prep for twenty-four hours. (How convenient!) They're already starting to look like the raspberry jam I put on Monkey-Girl's pb&j this afternoon.

I'll keep you all informed as to Chia Guy's progress. (I know you're all rivited.) He should have a full, luxurious, head of alfalfa by Christmas.

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